What does a maid service include?

We all have heard about the special cleaning services. People opt for these because of different causes, and thus their needs are also different. Now, what do these cleaning services cover? It is important for you to do your research prior to choosing one site and thus we recommend you go for cleaning services Chapel HillNC. This will delete a huge percent of work from your day and thus give you some time to relax and enjoy. These services are trustworthy, customized and also very consistent.

Like there are several time schedules for cleaning there are several areas too that you can cover under one cleaning and can skip for another.

Area Division:

  1. All Rooms: This will include the cleaning of all the rooms including the attics. They will clean your frames, ceiling fans, furniture, lamps, shelves, and boards; they will also vacuum carpets for you. They wash the floors and also dry them. The house cleaning services Chapel Hill NC is one of the best ones.

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  1. Kitchen: This includes cleaning of cabinets, tables, counters, chairs, They will clean them, scrub them safely and then sanitize them at the end. They also do the same for backsplashes and the inside and outside of the refrigerator and microwave.
  2. Bathrooms: They will clean the showers, bathtubs and the sinks/basins and then scrub and sanitize them at the end. The same will happen for the vanities, toilets and any backsplashes. The mirrors are cleaned and also the chromes are polished. The floors are polished and the walls too.
  3. Other Cleaning: Oven Cleaning, Window Washing, Refrigerator cleaning, wall washing, cabinet cleaning, Packing &unpacking,

These are the main services and areas that are included in any Chapel Hill cleaning services. If you opt for anyone that is not included in the list, make sure to ask them if they have additional services.