What are the reasons to visit Cebu

Cebu Philippines hotels are always full as most people love to spend vacations in Cebu. There are good reasons for it too. Some of the top attractions that this place offers are:

  1. The local food is delectable. It is famous for lechon or roast pig and this is usually paired with hanging rice.
  2. The waterfalls of Cebu are world famous. There are the Kawasanfalls which are perhaps the most beautiful and they also are used by people craving canyoneering adventures which includes not only climbing, trekking, swimming but also jumping 60 foot waterfalls.
  3. For those craving for pristine white sand beaches, the Cebu luxury hotels offer the best in terms of facilities and amenities. You can even get to go on island hopping adventures.

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  1. For those that do not want to just sit in one of the Cebu city hotels, they can opt for trekking to the highest peak which is the Osmena Peak. This has an easy trail which even kids or elders can trek along. All you need to do is ensure that you are physically fit and are wearing the proper gear as well as ensuring that you are hydrating.
  2. The Cebu luxury hotelsalso offer whale shark watching or even swimming adventures. Swimmers even have an opportunity to click pictures with these sharks under water.
  3. The night life in Cebu is vibrant and fun. Infact the best affordable hotels in Cebualso have disco bars as well as fine restaurants as well as videoke rooms.

In addition to all this, the people of Cebu are very hospitable and friendly. They are ever willing to help you with directions or even recommendations with regards whatever you need including finding hotel accommodation in Cebu. The locals love for tourists to have a good time in Cebu.