Supermarkets are the greatest idea ever

Since the last sixty years or so, the world has been trying very hard to stand on its feet. Just before that the world experienced one of the biggest wars ever and so it took some thinking and great minds to shape our society once again. People needed reasons to live daily. The idea of consumerism and careers was formed in that very phase. Felicitating the idea of consumerism the idea of supermarkets was created. The people were tremendously happy to see that all of their daily needs item were kept at one place and thus the great phase began.

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Supermarkets are large sized shops which offer products of all variety to the consumers. It is the one stop shop for every person to buy all that they need daily or otherwise. This helped the economy and the big brands in a way no one could have ever thought of. People started buying more than they actually needed and steadily their consumption also increased. More people and brands had an option to get on the display shelf of the shop. People started living a dream. The idea was to get a great job and buy everything they couldn’t afford before. Only when we are introduced to something we realise that we have always needed it. To attract customers various discount codes¸ voucher codes and coupons were offered. This has became a permanent and traditional method of attract customers.

Even today people prefer to buy things from the supermarkets where they can get all that they want. Steadily we have grown to the idea of supermarket and became fewer prices sensitive. Now the supermarkets are mainly opened in posh areas to cater to the needs of upper middle class and high class people who want everything served to them in a rich manner.