How to select a furnace filter

You might be thinking why there is such a wide range when it comes to the price of furnace air filters. You might also be thinking that if you pick anyone by sticking to your budget, will it be worth the price or the money will get wasted. The point that should always prompt you in your brain while buying a furnace filter is that you are buying a filter which should take less changing and it must captures minute particles.

Selecting a Furnace


  • The cheap woven fiberglass filters do filter out some dirt and debris that could choke your furnace blowing a motor but not all. If you are ready to change it every month and the quality of the air is not an issue you can go for these filters.


  • If you do not want these types of hassles, and you know that you will forget to change the filter on time which will ultimately damage your furnace blowing motor, because you are the person who always forgets to the change the oil of your car, then you should go for the expensive filters because those are layered four times one upon another which helps in collecting minute particles from the air.

furnace filters


  • There may be people in your house who smoke and have allergies and asthma, or you may have pets as well.  Then, you should go for the more expensive electrostatic filter which will collect not only the dust and debris but also has the capability of magnetically attracts the dust particles in the air. Some filters are of an extremely good quality that they work flawlessly for up to a year. They even have the capability to filter out bacteria, dander, odors and smoke particles.


There are some other steps you should follow for the efficient working of your furnace filter. You should install a dedicated air purifier, a high-efficiency vacuum cleaner and you should also clean the furnace filters and your house often.