All you wanted to know about PayPal Bingo

Bingo – a gambling game or a game of luck as it is popularly known – has joined hands with PayPal and now it has become PayPal Bingo. Now you must be wondering what this is. Then first let us start with understanding what exactly PayPal is and how it adds value to Bingo.

What is PayPalBingo?

PayPal is a type of e-wallet which lets you store, pay or collect money online. Once you have saved your card details on PayPal; you need not enter it again and again for every transaction. PayPal does the work for you. You just remember your PayPal id and password and all transactions can be done in a single click.



How PayPal is associated with Bingo?

Few years ago, playing bingo online was not considered safe as many frauds came into light. Many fake bingo websites were made which were used to take players’ credit/debit card details or bank details to fraudulently transfer money to website.

This created need for safe and secure Bingo sites. More and more Bingo websites came up with PayPal as a secure payment option wherein users need not share their personal card or bank details with unknown websites and can play Bingo with PayPal deposit.

Why to use it?

It is safe and secure as you are not sharing personal details with unknown websites.There is no transaction fee for using PayPal. Some Bingo websites do not ask for any deposit if payment method opted by users is PayPal.Transactions made from PayPal are not printed on bill thereby maintaining user’s privacy.

PayPal transactions are run on secure server thereby not leaving any scope for hacking.

So all users have to do is – find a Bingo website based on their interest, do a little background check of website using user reviews, number of active users, genuineness of website and integration of site with PayPal – and Bingo! You are good to go. Happy Playing.